Episode 216: Nutmeg Junction Live III

Nutmeg Junction performed full shows live for the very first time on 4/27/2019 at the Center on Main in Falls Village, CT. This is the audio of part three of the evening where the audio theater team performed 3 episodes


This features a welcome by guest conductor Patrick, then a Tex Bijou (Robert C. Fullerton) sing along, a Space Sentries Adventure in which we welcome a new Junction-eer Danny.


and we conclude with a Professor A which features Lana Peck, Tiffy McKay and Kurt Boucher as Professor A, Ms. Gentry and Dr. Robere with wonderful performances by Deborah Goodman and Dan Willey as the “visitors” and participation from the 8th grade class of Lee H. Kellogg School.


It was a wonderful experience to put on a full production of 3 episodes. We thoroughly enjoyed our work at The Center on Main in Falls Village, CT. We are grateful to Laurie Wadsworth for her extraordinary assistance in getting the program created there. We are grateful to Michael Illian for filming the production. We are grateful to Shaw Israel Izikson who took some wonderful photos. We are grateful to our guest conductors, Shane, Mariel and Patrick.

We are grateful to our audience who supported the show and this benefit for the Lee H. Kellogg school.

I am grateful for the entire cast who shared their time and talent bringing this event to life.

Studio episodes will return this weekend with episode 217: Fanny and Fred at the Mall and Space Sentries: Vector Theorem Part IV