Meet the Cast: Danny Cook


Nutmeg Junction is pleased to introduce our FIRST inter-state actor, a performer of rare talent who will be performing on our audio-theater show from a “remote” location: the Peach State!

We are lucky and honored to have Danny Cook on board the Nutmeg Junction trolley! His first Nutmeg Junction role is that of “THE STORM DRAIN” in this week’s episode (Episode 19: The League of Slightly Super Villains).

In August 2018 he’s focusing on The Front Porch Players production of Monky Business in which he is both directing and appearing, and we say “break a leg!”  We look forward to enjoying more of Danny’s vocal talent in September.

  Danny is a professional singer, actor, and director in Atlanta, GA. Danny has played roles in Equity productions of Forum, My Fair Lady, Jekyll and Hyde, The Fantastiks, and may others. Danny is currently directing and appearing in the musical Monky Business with The Front Porch Players in Jonesboro, GA, which is set to go up on August 10. Danny is also the subject to a daughter named Molly, and a dog named Skippy.

36746900_2189560174392952_1152134022353125376_nDanny Cook in Monky Business (photo from The Front Porch Players


Here’s a write up of Monky Business

The Front Porch Players can be found on Facebook HERE.

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