Meet the Cast: Caroline Sienkiewicz

Caroline Sienkiewicz (photo by lsgoriginal)

Caroline Sienkiewicz-Babbitt is in 6th grade at Torrington Middle School. She is part of High Honors, Girl Scout troop 40004, the Warner theater, Goshen Players, and the TMS drama club. She is almost 12 in May. She loves to read and write. She has been in productions of Seussical, Peter Pan, First Date, Boeing Boeing, and is now in Beauty and the Beast. She wants to be a special effects makeup and movie artist when she gets older. Her favorite animals are whales and otters, and her favorite color is maroon. She also knows that those facts are irrelevant.

Among her many roles in Nutmeg Junction is the recurring character, Julia Porter. Her signature role as “Darly” in “The New Adventures of Daring Darling Darly”!

Nutmeg Junction will begin airing Sunday April 1 at 1pm on WAPJ (89.9 and 105.1FM) and April 2nd on other stations and online.  Stay tuned for exciting information about the program!

Caroline Sienkiewicz (right) prepares her audio performance with encouragement from Lana Peck (left) and Jandi Hanna (middle)

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