Meet the Cast: Jandi Hanna


Jandi Hanna
Jandi Hanna photo by lsgoriginal

Jandi Hanna lives in Falls Village and makes her living as a Speech/Language Pathologist for Region One Schools. Although she grew up in Goshen, she has worked with theatres in several parts of the country, including Chicago, Binghamton (NY) and Philadelphia, as well as on production teams in Public TV in Washington DC. Locally, she has enjoyed acting with The Aglet Theatre Company, the Warner Playwrights Festivals, Aspen Dream Dinner Theatre, and the Goshen Players. Jandi is delighted that J. Timothy Quirk has brought Nutmeg Junction to town and that she gets to ride the rails with this wonderful group of traveling voices.

In Nutmeg Junction, Jandi Hanna begins our series as Lead Conductor Margot and in later episodes enthralls audiences as the wondrous character, The Grey Whisper!


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