Meet the Cast: Kurt Boucher

Kurt Boucher photographed by lsgoriginal

Kurt Boucher is a founding member of the Nutmeg Junction team. Let’s learn more about this fascinating cast member!
First, Boucher is the co-host and producer of Nerd Talk on Citizen’s Television in New Haven, Connecticut, a program which discusses and celebrates gaming, movies, graphic novels and more.


Additionally, Boucher is also one half of “Glum Puppet” a Connecticut duo that performs “esoteric modern vaudeville”. Through the use of video, music, puppets & spoken word, glum puppet celebrates cultural favorites.

A man of many talents, he is also a singer/songwriter in his own right and records under the name “Drosh”.

And if that were not enough, Boucher deejays a weekly radio show on Sunday nights on DenverUndergroundRadio

Kurt Boucher (with Director Conrad Sienkiwicz in the background) as photographed by lsgoriginal

As a founding member of Nutmeg Junction, Boucher portrayed many characters during the first recorded episodes of the program. He portrayed “Rancho” on the game show “What’s the Secret Word”, he portrayed Nathaniel Chance (a character that is one half of the world’s greatest amateur-to-semi-pro detective team) and he portrays “Ox” who takes on “The Grey Whisper”!

More information about the cast of Nutmeg Junction coming soon!

*Nutmeg Junction is coming to the airwaves on April 1, 2018


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